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VPMS – Slovak Rural Youth Parliament with cooperation of OZ Lišov Múzeum, Slovakia

About us. Civic association Rural Youth Parliament in Slovakia (OZ VPMS) was established in 2019 as part of the project Rural Youth in the region led by OZ VIPA SK (Rural Parliament in Slovakia), which is a mother organisation of VPMS. The purpose of the project “Rural youth in the region” was regional involvement, especially of young people under 30 years of age, in the preparation, implementation and subsequent evaluation of regional policies and decisions. The ambition of the project was also to support the building of non-governmental non-profit organizations (NGOs) based on information, as well as for the purposes of participation in public policies, increasing public awareness of the possibilities of citizen participation in the preparation of public policies and strategies at the local and regional level by young rural people on grassroot level. The goal of the project was also to create conditions for strengthening the participation of the general public in decision-making processes at various levels of society management. 

OZ VPMS has ambition to provide a framework and also a dissemination platform for locally based non-governmental organizations, villages, cities, farmers, craftworkers, stakeholders and thus, it has a relatively wide basis for young people as well citizens who are interested in co-operation within national or international projects.

In October 2019 board members organized a seminar within the project “The Rural Youth in the Region” focused on encouraging young people in decision-making processes. Young people need regular meetings with local government representatives, space for youth activities to be carried out, inviting young people to make proposals for development projects and their implementation, and better access to truthful information. OZ VPMS helps to initiate and further regulate a dialog between young people and policy makers.

Lišov Museum was established in 2015 and is now being run as an innovative community driven organisation. Lišov Museum has developed its research and operating model under the 4 pillars of sustainability (environmental, cultural, social and economic).

Lišov Museum was established in 2015 and is now being run as an innovative community driven organisation. Lišov Museum has developed its research and operating model under the 4 pillars of sustainability (environmental, cultural, social and economic). Lišov community has a complex and rich cultural history and has come under many different geopolitical, social and agricultural influences in the recent and distant past. Cultural heritage in the immediate surroundings of the museum is exceptional and includes a diversity of tufa cave dwellings, a range of traditional vernacular architecture, and it is very near the Neolithic Fossa Giganteum monument which runs throughout parts of Central Europe.
As with many rural areas of Europe, the village has experience of rural unemployment, changes to land ownership, management, and changes in the social makeup of the community. All that we do revolves around sustainability, which means using local materials, local skills and creating local products…and linking to like-minded organisations who have other local products, which can be showcased and sold in the museum shop.  Our buildings are restored using traditional methods and we draw from the wealth of local art and craft for decoration. It is important that the museum has a place in the wider community of the village and the Hont region, so we cultivate and enjoy a fruitful relationship with the mayor, local shakers and movers and bottom-up organisation such as the local LEADER group. We welcome visitors from all over Europe, who share our ethos and can swap skills and knowledge to help themselves and the museum to grow into a more sustainable rural future.

What we expect from trainee. We expect that trainee would be able to actively participate in the activities we offer. Activities will include workshops on preserving local customs, folk traditions, arts and crafts, eco-activities, advocacy, etc. Participants will be motivated to share their experiences with other participants, partners and other networks. They will have the opportunity to become a part of the European Rural Youth Parliament community.

Proposed program:

DAY 1: Arrival, getting to know each other

DAY 2: Meeting in Lišov, presentation of our work in Lišov Museum, talking about possibilities of living in rural areas, improvements, developments, sustainability, meeting local people.

DAY 3: Visit of Cave houses, preparing traditional meals, local food and wine tasting.

DAY 4: Visit town Zvolen, New castle, hiking to old castle.

DAY 5: Visit of sheep farm and wool workshop.

DAY 6: Visit Brhlovce /village with traditional cavehouses, “Caffe Gallery” coffee shop project.

DAY 7: Visit the spa town Dudince and Roman spa, cheese and butter making workshop on a local farm

DAY 8: Olej Hont company – visit in Súdovce, local producer of oils, a small sustainable family business in rural area

DAY 9: Bee farm visit, honey tasting, Api teraphy

DAY 10: Brick making (old traditional technique from mud, straw and water)

DAY 11: Cultural day in the UNESCO town Banská Štiavnica

DAY 12: Basket making (old traditional technique from willow sticks)

DAY 13: Looms weaving workshop, harvesting fruits

DAY 14: Wrap up day, feedback, departure

All activities will involve meetings and discussions with relevant rural development stakeholders. We will present the participation of young people working in rural communities and their activism in the Rural Youth Parliament. We will visit youth centres, meet mayors, and attend events related to the activities of the Rural Pact, if there are any during the time of the visit. We will invite a trainee to participate in the organisations’ advocacy activities during his/her stay.


The organisation is located in the middle of Slovakia in Banska Bystrici and can easily be reached by train.

Organisation & contact person

VIPA SK- Slovak rural parliament, OZ “Lišov Múzeum”, Jakub Dvorský

there a re several videos available on vimeo, view here for one selected

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